Curator in the Making is home to the online version of Borderlines of the Present. The site was created with the intention of allowing greater audience accessibility and a future longevity and growth to the project. It aims to create a space for ongoing conversations in the art sector. 

Borderlines of the Present, is an online and print publication,featuring recent works by contemporary artists, Nick Jordan and Farwa Moledina 

This publication has been produced by the 2019-20 cohort of students on the MA Art History and Curating programme at the University of Birmingham. This is the fourth curatorial project in partnership between Grand Union and the MA Art History and Curating programme.

The publication can be ordered online through the Grand Union website here [excl. P&P]


Prachi Kapoor

Francesca Singleton

University of Birmingham: https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/postgraduate/courses/taught/histart/history-art-curating.aspx 

Grand Union: www.grand-union.org.uk  

Artist Nick Jordan: http://www.nickjordan.info/

Artist Farwa Moledina: http://www.farwamoledina.com 

Designer: City Edition Studio: https://cityeditionstudio.co.uk/